Quick Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples On Your Lip

We all want to have kissable lips, right? Many people enjoy kissing because it shows our affection towards the people around us. From normal greetings to romantic settings, kissing is always there. But how can you enjoy kissing if you have a pimple on your lip?! This pimple on your lip may also be mistaken as a cold sore. However, the two of them are very different from each other. Cold sores are painful while a lip pimple is not. A lip pimple is also easy to treat and will usually involve many home remedies for treatment. How to get rid of a pimple on your lip will rely on your understanding of the things seen in your household.

Many people are quite surprised to learn that a lip pimple treatment is easily and conveniently made available for them. We have provided you these simple remedies for the treatment of a pimple on your lip so that you will know how to deal with it as soon as you notice that bulging zit which may hinder you from having a good kiss.

How To Get Rid Of A Pimple On Your Lip?

If you want to get rid of a pimple on lip, simply follow one of these home and natural remedies.

1. Stop Using Your Lip Balm Or Lip Gloss

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These products may be the main culprits as to why you have that nasty pimple on your lip. Lip glosses and lip balms contain wax which may clog the pores around your mouth. This will trap the dirt and bacteria causing the pimple to develop. It also contains fragrances which stimulate sebum production and increases the oil around your lip area. This oil will clog your pores making you prone to an acne breakout. Moreover, when you swipe your gloss and balm all over your lips, this may spread the bacteria and re-infect yourself every time you use the product.

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2. Do Lip Brushing

When you brush your teeth, it is also advisable to include your lips. Use fragrance-free toothpaste though so that it will not stimulate oil production. Brushing your lip will help you get rid of the dirt and bacteria that accumulated there all throughout the day. Once you have cleaned your lips thoroughly, you decrease the risk of pimple development. Make sure that you properly rinse your toothbrush too so that it will not harbour the bacteria from your lips as this can make your pimple worse.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking sufficient amount of water is probably the easiest lip pimple treatment, that is for all water-loving people out there! Water helps flush out toxins and different harmful pathogens from your body both inside and out. It also helps clean your skin too. Water will remove the bacteria from your mouth, and this will prevent pimple occurrence.

4. Have A Healthy Diet

Skin Clearing Foods

You might be surprised as to how your choices of food affect a pimple on your lip, right? To prevent a pimple breakout as well as treat existing pimple, you need a diet rich in zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A and E. Foods that are rich in these nutrients and minerals are needed if you want your pimple to heal faster. Also, avoid drinking coffee since it is a major cause of pimple development.

5. Never Squeeze Or Pop Your Pimple

It might be easy to get rid of a pimple just by squeezing and popping it, but all experts agree that this should not be done. Why? When you pop a pimple, you will simply make your condition worse as the bacteria will just spread across your lips and other facial areas too. Hence, to avoid contamination, it is best to let it be for a while and patiently wait until your other treatments had taken effect.

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6. Use Of Hot And Cold Compresses

Ice and Heat Treatment for acne

A hot compress is a good way to get rid of pimple on lip, especially when you feel pain and swelling. You can simply soak a clean cloth in warm water and apply it directly on your zit. The heat will help reduce the swelling and alleviates pain too. If you have hypersensitivity reactions or you are prone to allergies, a cold compress is more beneficial and useful for you. Cold compress with the use of ice wrapped in a clean towel or clean cloth will help constrict your blood vessels and will push the oil and bacteria that may have clogged your lips to promote fast recovery. It will also relieve your lip from inflammation and redness.

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7. Say Goodbye To Stress

This may be a vague way to get rid of that lip pimple, but it sure is effective. Why? We all know that being stress means that it will have certain effects on your general health too. Stress will cause your cells to die, and the dead skin cells are left on your lips. This will leave a gaunt look on your lips which will then start to crack and develop pimples.

8. Application Of Lemon Juice

The acidity found in lemon is a great way to kill bacteria and dries your pimple quickly. You can simply soak a sterile cotton swab in the juice and apply it to your lip during bedtime. Just make sure that you use a freshly squeezed lemon juice as the bottled one has already some preservatives in it.

9. Steaming Your Pimples

One way to how to get rid of a pimple on your lip is through steaming. Steam will open your pores and allows the dirt and bacteria to go out. This process will also reduce inflammation and prevent the development of new pimples. You can place a bowl of hot water near your face and expose your lip to it for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, make sure that you are careful enough not to spill the hot water on you to prevent burning.

10. Using Specific Herbs To Get Rid Of Pimple On Your Lip

Face packs to fight pimples

There are natural herbs which you can use to say goodbye to your annoying lip pimple.

You can directly apply eucalyptus, neem, basil, and other pimple-fighting herbs to your pimple to help get rid of it.


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